Rusalka – O Silver Moon.

or some call it “Song to the Moon”. I’m into my Opera at the moment. This one is so beautiful with so much passion. A simply gorgeous Aria. Got in repeat on my iTunes at the moment, Opera helps me focus on getting work done.

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May Day Weekend 2009.

Thursday Mum and I headed out for a meal at Pizza Express and then to the Knutsford Wine Bar and Amber Lounge, great night to show case the new hair 😀

(Look pregnant? WTF? DIET ASAP!!)

On way home:

On Saturday Knutsford Royal May Day is held, which is a parade where all the kids get dressed up and theirs a May Queen and crown presentation and stuffs. Here are a few funny characters:



However we spotted our local MP George Osborne so decided to stalk him:


Hope he drank as much as the rest of Knutsford. After the parade my mum and I went to the fair and saw this funny chap crapping himself: (One on the right)

Also saw my brother and his mates go on “Top Spin” after five hours of solid drinking – idiots. (Four on back left)

Listening to: 80s cheese

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Little Shop of Horrors.

After going to see “We will rock you” last week I got a real theatre buzz and wanted to go see something else. So searching the internet found that “Little Shop of Horrors” was on at the Opera House in Manchester, much to my delight. I am a HUGE fan of Little Shop of Horrors it is by far one of my favourite musicals as its so different from the rest. Lots of fun and make believe.

The actors chosen to play the dentist and Seymour at first seemed a bit strange but once into duets with each other and along side Audrey it was clear why they were chosen. The scene where the dentist gets the gas mask stuck on his head and Seymour does nothing about it had the audience in stitches. I’ve never laughed so much at a play before. I loved this musical! Go see it.  Now.

To get tickets for Manchester click here.

You can also purchase the DVD featuring Rick Moranis for peanuts here which is just as fun.

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Tilly’s Now Blonde.

Check it:

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Tweetie for Mac.

Yes that’s right everyone’s favourite iPhone app for twitter (microblogging social networking website) is from Monday 20th April 2009 an awesome Mac app too. I can’t wait! Take a look at the website for more details and the demo video:

Tweetie for mac

and as soon as the 20th arrives click the download button.

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The Little Match Girl.

“Den lille Pige med svovlstikkerne” – I completely forgot about this very beautiful little story by Hans Christian Andersen. It made me well up. Please go read it here from time to time. It has brought up a lot of childhood memories back.

Listening to: Dizzee Rascal

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